The Dog - Theological Harmonistic Exercitations into the Discoveries Of Gurdjieff

The web page you have discovered is an entry point to THE DOG Forum, which contains an archive of the teachings of our Fourth Way schools in Texas, England and Mexico. The Forum is exclusively for students of THE DOG but, as you have found your way here, I shall do my best to give you a bit of insight concerning myself and our school.

My name is Russell A. Smith. I found the Gurdjieff work in the late 70's ... and in 1980 I awoke.

I had no idea what the results of my awakening would bring. I had been on a personal quest to discover myself -- and, through G. I. Gurdjieff's work, I found a way. I was not out to attract students, or to become a teacher, or to start a school. However, despite my lack of seeking for seekers, a handful of people came into my life who were looking for answers to their own inner-world questions. They began to ask me about the work I was doing; I suppose because I seemed so different from others they had met. My answer was ... to introduce them to Gurdjieff.

Soon a group of students gathered at my home whenever I was in town (my employment required extensive travel). These students became serious about their work and the teachings of Gurdjieff. Over the next several years they continued to ask questions and make exceptional efforts. During this time I made many discoveries about the inner-world of man and about the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance; discoveries that would ultimately lead to an Objective Exercise that allowed the parts of man to unify and the man, himself, to awaken.

It was April First, 1990, when I shared with the students what we now call the 'April Fools' exercise. When I did, they awoke ... and, needless to say, they were ecstatic.

After this event, it became collectively understood that the awakened state they were experiencing was truly remarkable, which prompted several students to make the following demand: "We want you to be here full time, so quit your job and stay home. We will support you." They further suggested that I should write a book and share my discoveries, saying, "There must be others like us out there who wish to awaken, so let's buy some land and have a place -- a school -- where people who are seeking an objective way can come and study."

So we did; and I wrote a book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets. It is self-published by THE DOG, our school. We are located just outside of Sanger, Texas -- 45 miles north of Dallas.

After my book was published, it drew interest from the Fourth Way community and in 1996 an international conference was held in Bognor, England.  In 1997 during the second annual conference, I informed the assembled audience that there was an objective way to awaken higher centers.

Immediately after the second conference, students began to find their way to Texas. Since then, hundreds of students have made the journey here. More importantly, several have obtained the objectivity required to duplicate the process, allowing us to open schools in England and Mexico.

Given the rapid growth of our school, we were compelled to establish the THE DOG Forum, in order to keep students abreast of the latest teaching and discoveries.

Cosmic Secrets
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